Will American citizens end up paying for the mess of British Petroleum?

Whenever you hear someone with a British accent talking on behalf of British Petroleum they are not telling you the truth. I don’t understand why it’s always America’s responsibilty to solve foreign companies/countries’ mess. The British are enjoying luxurious lives while our Americans are on the brink of poverty in communities hit hard by the oil spill. Have they even paid our aid we gave to them 50 years ago? We should’ve just let them starve. Why is it always America’s responsibility?!

3 Responses to “Will American citizens end up paying for the mess of British Petroleum?”

  1. Biff Beltsander Says:

    Talk to people in costal parts of the USA, they are paying for it.

    Also, there are more wealthy people in the USA then Britan.

  2. paul s Says:

    Who is British petroleum?

    there was a company by that name 20 years ago, but they don’t exist anymore, they stopped existing when they moved to the US and ended up with 56% of the company being owned by Americans, they stopped existing when they opened up their places of business in the US and ended up with over 50% of the global work force being American. making them at best Anglo-American,

    As for the Oil spill it is hardly the British people fault, that the US government is corrupt, lazy and in bed with the Oil industry, allowing them to get away with all sorts of slack, criminal and dangerous tricks, you reap what you sow in life and sadly for the people of America you voted for them, you tolerate their corruption and you happily allow big business to run the country – you got them, now you deal with the mess.

    You have had scores of examples of Oil companies using the US as nothing more than a toxic dump, countless accidents, deaths and damage, yet every time there is another problem the Oil companies simply dropped a few dollars in someones election campaign and get away with it (or even better, how about put one of their own Texan oil barons into the white house)

    This is entirely Americas problem and entirely it’s responsibility to sort out,

    If you don’t like it you can always move to a country were companies are legally obliged to behave in a decent manner. and where accidents like this don’t happen because the companies are forced to spend money ensuring safety is up to scratch

    I hear Britain has a good record, maybe you should move there

    of course you could try something REALLY radical and stop voting for politicians who are all members of the boards for these Oil/arms/chemical companies and instead force capitol hill to clean itself up.

  3. Buss W@nkers Says:

    56% of the company is owned b the US. why do we always have to pay for US wars?