Will applying petroleum jelly first work?

I am 23 weeks pregnant and want to colour my hair. I know you are not supposed to get dye on your scalp, so I thought maybe if applied some petroleum jelly to my scalp and roots and then apply the dye, then wash off the petroleum jelly once the dye has taken? What do you think and has anyone tried this?

3 Responses to “Will applying petroleum jelly first work?”

  1. Cecelia Cardew Says:

    Don’t ever try to apply anything artificial to your skin or hair if your pregnant.It can have an adverse effect on your baby skin too.And this time u should think about your baby only not on what others think about u.Once u deliver your baby you can apply anything.

  2. Stephanie Zamazing Says:

    Umm no. Just don’t dye your hair. Who cares what you look like, you want a healthy normal baby, right?

  3. Bunny Says:

    You can try henna or cassia to get more golden tones. (You can also get henna with cassia as an ingredient.) If you want to go darker try henna with indigo.

    Go natural. Never put the artificial stuff on your head while you’re pregnant. Would you dump ammonia on your unborn child? I didn’t think so. So don’t dump it on your scalp. It doesn’t matter if you put petroleum jelly on your scalp first.