Will Barack Obama Fix The High Priced Gas & Oil Problem For America?

I haven’t heard of any of his solutions on this, although I looked on his website and it said he wants to support Ethnol/Bio/Gas fuels… I sure hope he isn’t planning on using corn for that process.


I won’t forget how he complained about taxing the Oil companies because they would only raise the prices and that it was a political stunt… And how he didn’t offer a solution, and we’re still waiting… Yet now Mr. Obama wants to tax the heck out Coal, and natural gas industries, I guess they won’t raise prices like the Oil companies would in Obamanation?

Will Barack Obama Help with the high gas problems or will he only contribute to making things terribly worse?

Can anyone tell me what he is going to do about Gas & Oil Problems in the United States, and around the rest of the world, and with U.S. business relations with middle eastern oil companies & the Gas & Oil Markets, which all directly effects the economy, and the stability of the rest of the world?
Can Mr. Obama and his cabinet of future associates fix this gas & oil problem?

Can anyone tell me what he is going to do?

If you think he can make things better for us all do you have any details to that situation?

22 Responses to “Will Barack Obama Fix The High Priced Gas & Oil Problem For America?”

  1. darrin b Says:

    obama wants to stop subsidizing the oil industry. he wants to end every single tax break and demand that one percent of the revenues from oil companies with over $1 billion in quarterly profits go toward fiananciing alternative energy research and the necessary infrastructure.

    in regards to the fuel-efficency standards, obama wants to work with u. s. automakers. many automakers’ biggest expense is the health care costs for their retired autoworkers.

    what he would like to do is this: in exchange for federal finaincial assistance in meeting the health care costs of retired auto workers, the Big Three companies would reinvest these savings into developing more efficent hybrid vehicles.

    he also wants to see E85 (85% ethanol gas) at every gas station.

  2. Obama Says:

    Psst! He HAS no plan

  3. Kandace T Says:

    he’ll only make it go up

  4. Gabriella L Says:

    Oh god… here it comes!!

    The haters… & the thumbs down….

    You opened up a can of worms with this one.

  5. ***~AngelFire~*** Says:

    i dont know so far its obama or mccain….since clinton dropped out…but maybe he can if he really puts effort to it.

  6. Puffadder Says:

    He can/will fix it if he forms an alliance with Chavez and Ahmedinejad. Otherwise, his rantings are just populist grist for the mill.

  7. Yishka Bedishka Says:

    Oil is high because you tree huggers don’t want to drill for more oil, plain and simple. The cost is higher, the dollar is weka. Obama will only make this worst, not better

  8. 18million for McCain Says:

    No he cannot, he will be a lame duck president.

  9. kantav18 Says:

    Yes, but the Republicans voted against a bill yesterday that would reduce the price of oil and gas for the hardworking Americans. Most democrats want it but the republicans voted against it. Why, because of personal interest such as profits and link to lobbyist.

    other changes that democrats will bring in Washington;
    the first issue is the economy, the unemployment rate is now 5.5 percent. Price of gas and food had gone up and people who do not make a lot money are suffering.
    * in one city alone there is more than 600 houses in foreclosure because the government doesn’t support the people. Many lobbist in Washington are part of the problem. The lobbist in the the Republican party are in the interest of the elite, people who owns oil companies, pharmaceutical comp. The lobbist do not want to pay a lot tax, so the middle class is suffering because they have to pay more tax than the rich.

    3, college is expensive and the loans companies are making money on the students.
    4. Healthcare and insurance is a problem, many people can’t afford insurance, especially low income familes.

    5, the war, it takes 10 billion per month to stay in Iraq.
    The politics in Washing ton needs to be fixed and the middle class families needs to get a break from paying Higher taxes than the rich. Senator Obama says that these are the problems that the county face. I believe that with the help of senator Clinton and other democrats, the problems such foreclosure, health insurcance, saftety and the costly war will be resolve. but they have to clean up the mess first. I believe the democrats will bring changes because they are in the interest of the people, not in the insterest of the lobbist or the elite or the oil industries. They can bring changes in many people’s life who are now suffering.
    as POW he voted against a bill that will give soldiers more benefits in term of finishing their college for free.
    Lastly, the republicans also vote against a bill that will reduce the price of gas on the hard working Americans because they make profits on the oil industry. They work for lobbyist mostly.

    If you want change I think Obama and Clinton wants to help middle class and hard working Americans.

  10. gatorw Says:

    If Obama is elected, gas will go up to $20 per gallon?

  11. Nicholas P Says:

    Of course gas prices will go down when Obama wins. No one will have a job, so we will have no where to go, less driving, less demand…huh? Change you better believe.

  12. suckitup Says:

    There is not a lot anyone can do as long as we are at the mercy of OPEC!

    We need to become energy dependent. All of the resources are here we just need someone with the b**** to take on the responsibility.

    We have plenty of land to grow corn, sugar cane or switch grass for ethanol. Yet the Democrats with Bush’s help passed the Farm Bill to PAY farmers NOT to plant crops!!!!

  13. supermans_protege Says:


  14. jonbjammin Says:

    Well Our Democratic Congress tried to pass a bill the other day that would taken away tax breaks to the Big Oil Co’s and impose a Windfall profits tax on them that would be used in part to create more jobs… but the Republican Senators blocked it…

    Now I am not saying that it would have helped much or was even the right idea, but at least they were trying to do something…

  15. Dr. Fell Says:

    He will try to turn the United States in to a European style socialist country. The gas price over in Europe is around $10 a gallon. There you go. Obama = higher prices on EVERYTHING including more money out of your paycheck.

  16. Free To Be Me Says:

    Hardly. He is a far-left liberal who is opposed to us accessing the 86 BILLION barrels of oil in American territory. 85% of it has been closed to drilling by Congress, based on faulty 70’s science.

    NOBAMA! 08

  17. suzy Says:

    No one person can fix this mess. It will take the cooperation of the house and senate and president. Good luck getting that.

  18. Baggy Pants Says:

    He doesn’t have Hillary at his side, giving him the right answers.lol

  19. Gabrielle C Says:

    The one I wanted in office is no longer in it, but the last thing I want is another Bush (aka McCain). If we get a Republican in there were scr-wed! Nothing in the gas prices is going too change until after the election and McCain also has his hands in the oil business, as does Bush. I’m lost at this point, but I do have a fear of another 4 years of another Bush. But to answer your question about Obama, I have no idea, but I’ll just hope for the best. Hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and Clinton will change too independent and run again! then we might have a chance again.

  20. thevoicefromunderthebus Says:

    Huh! Your question would be way above his head. You are talking about a guy that sits in a tub filled with bubble-bath, playing Admiral, with his litt.le toy wind-up boat.

    Obama, as in everything he touches – will make all things worse!

  21. Tom S Says:

    can someone tell me how raising taxes on oil companies will lower the price of oil?I hear all of these Dems telling how Obama tried to fix the problem with a windfall tax.Won’t the Oil companies pass that on to the consumer?

  22. guitar_angel_69 Says:

    kantav18: Republicans are the ones blocking lower gas prices?

    Anyway, I’m not sure if I’m comfortable leaving it up to any government to control the gas prices. Gas prices are high because we’re consuming it like its running out…….oh wait! Duh! If we stopped driving our gas-guzzling SUV’s 2 blocks to get our Starbucks and whatnot and just walked, or rode a bike, or used public transit then things like the cost of fuel wouldn’t turn our world upside-down. Its still "we the people" and not "we the government" right? Take matters into your own hands. Do what YOU can to reduce your daily dependence. Don’t expect the government to fix it for you.