Will I find a job in Petroleum Engineering?

I know a lot of Petroleum engineers are about to retire so there will be more openings, but there is not a lot of expected employment growth. When I graduate in three years, do you think I will be able to find a job in petroleum engineering. Percent wise, what are my chances?

3 Responses to “Will I find a job in Petroleum Engineering?”

  1. Kelly Says:

    It depends on several different things.

    1. the area that you are looking at applying– location has a lot to do with employment
    2. how well you do in school- three years is a long time and you haven’t gotten through the hardest part
    3. if you have done or will do an internship or co-op with a firm or company
    4. Other things that you put on your resume to build your marketability to companies

    There will be jobs available when you graduate, we are not going to get off oil anytime soon and oil is not the only things that Petroleum Engineers can do.

    Short Answer is Yes you will find a job.

  2. Assimilator Says:

    Yes. 99%. It is a broad field, you can do many things. Look at the link provided.

  3. Ehsan Safari Says:

    it depends on how well you play in your Courses and thesis. Kelly provide a good answer. Petroleum Engineering is too bride. with an average GPA of 15/20 , average in thesis, some training in some companies and etc it is more than 80% by chance to get a job.
    to help you build your future, I strongly recommend you to be a specialized engineer in one and maximum two cases in your degree. because every single branch of Petroleum Engineering has its own complexities and no one expect you to know every part of your degree thoroughly even some years after graduation. that’s why I said every single branch of Petroleum Engineering is quite complicated. However, how hard they are you should know at least one category of your related courses very well as you will be questioned by some experts in the company you are looking for a job.
    I hope this helped.