Will obama anti-oil drilling strategy hurt the economy and cause prices to skyrocket at the gas pump?


22 Responses to “Will obama anti-oil drilling strategy hurt the economy and cause prices to skyrocket at the gas pump?”

  1. Paul Grass™℠ Says:

    Yes sir they already have it jumped last night here by 15 cents to over # a gal, thanks 0bummer

  2. Primo Says:

    Yes. I am paying 3.30 for a gallon of gas now!

  3. Curtis 1911 Says:

    Well yeah,,,,,

  4. .............. Says:

    @ 3.25 a gallon nationwide it seems he succeeded

  5. Nancy Says:

    no, why did the prices skyrocket when bush was the prezident?

  6. Sadcat Says:

    Not if the Republicans stop trying to block any and all attempts to decrease demand for oil.

  7. goodluckwithhat Says:

    It’s already doing that.

  8. spicoli Says:

    Get used to it Bro, peak oil is here.

  9. ♥Pardonne Moi♥ Says:

    Well, it will hurt the economy, but it isn’t the reason gas prices are so high.

  10. kenny J Says:

    Nope. That has nothing to do with what we pay at the pump. Bush pushed oil drilling everywhere regardless of the consequences yet gas was much higher under Bush. Seems cons can’t get a dam thing right.

  11. Peace through blinding force Says:

    That’s what Obama says it’s FOR.

  12. Hit Girl Says:

    Yes, It will help effect the price. They are predicting $5.00 a gallon by 2012 due in part to the ban on drilling in the Gulf.


  13. Michael Says:

    He can’t dictate gas prices, only OPEC can. Theres much more at work that determines gas prices. You can thank China and the rest of the developing world that increases demand significantly.

  14. alarmiste Says:

    I hope so. Too many people have a bigger vehicle and more vehicles than they need, and drive around too much for no reason.

  15. MagpieRhino Says:

    no, oil prices are decided by the global level of supply and demand and the US simply doesnt produce enough oil for reducing its supply to have a drastic effect on global oil prices.

  16. Sir Baron Says:

    it seems news media is ‘conditioning’ the population for 5 dollars a gallon,,,,,,,as well as the next banker bail-out of wall street and big corps….

  17. Et Tu Brute Says:

    Obama was not in office when this nation saw the fastest increase in oil prices to a record high that has never been seen since. The year? 2008. Who was president then?

    Obama will not do anything that will lessen this new rush to an all time high in oil prices. Should the new oil drilling permits had been left in place then it would take several years for any oil from these new permits to become gasoline for your gas tank.

    The U.S. has an estimated 10% of the world’s known oil reserves. Should we have instant access to ALL of these reserves now, it would not be enough to effect the global oil prices. Claim whatever you wish to claim, the facts will remain the same.

    I, for one, would love for there to be new drilling in The U.S. and U.S. territories. I would only support this IF it was done by U.S. companies and ALL of the oil produced from this was kept OFF the world market. There is no other way that any new drilling here would lessen our dependence on foreign oil. Should it not be our goal to lessen our need for foreign oil, then why bother to drill for it?

  18. ugotthat Says:

    Oil the raw material for gasoline is approaching $90 per barrel. Oil is paid in dollars and thanks to the deficit the value of a dollar has dropped significantly. It used to get $1.50 Canadian. Now a dollar U.S. won’t even get a whole dollar CAD.

    The more UNFUNDED tax cuts financed by China and Japan the weaker the dollar, the more expensive the gas. Furthermore I don’t know why everyone is so surprised. 30+ years and several REPUBLICAN presidents ago we had an oil shortage. 30+ years and several REPUBLICAN presidents later we still do. Only now we have 30+ years less oil. We had 30+ years to do something about it. Instead we chose to put an awful lot of gas guzzling SUV’s on the road and convince everyone we’re sitting on more oil than the middle east..

    That’s not a very good strategy along with weakening the dollar. Now let’s all ask for more tax cuts so we can buy more gas for our 8 cylinder Toyota Sequoia and Cadillac DTS’s.

    BTW gas was more expensive under Bush. I’ve had the same car for 10 years now and it used to cost under $10 to fill it. Now it costs $25. It’s the same car.

    Edit: A thumbs down?? I wasn’t seeing things when I saw long gas lines 30+ years ago. The dollar is still dropping and oil is still rising.

  19. wataf Says:

    Stop blaming Obama for everything. I suggest get up on your hiney and start bike your way to work. I am talking about bicycles you lazy a** f***.

  20. French Fry Hunter Says:

    It is going to bite us right in the @ss.

  21. Richard Says:

    The Gulf oil drilling moratorium was initiated for safety reasons following the Horizon platform disaster.. At the time, it was estimated that up to 23,000 regional jobs could be affected directly or indirectly. Certainly this had a negative effect on the economy. After safety investigations were conducted, this moratorium was subsequently lifted, albeit with tighter regulations to prevent future spills.

    The world oil production is approximately 85,160,000 barrels per day — only 4,950,000 of that is produced by US. Half of the US production is exported to Canada for refinement. The worldwide price of gasoline is affected much more by production in the Arab League and Saudi Arabia than by small fluctuations in US production. Constantly increasing demand in the emerging countries also has a major impact.

    In March, 2010, the Obama administration proposed opening vast expanses of water along the Atlantic coastline, the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the north coast of Alaska to oil and natural gas drilling, much of it for the first time. If anything, the Obama oil drilling policies would be increasing US production, not decreasing it.

    Please ALWAYS check the actual facts before forming an opinion. NEVER base them on the opinions of talking-head spin-meisters at either end of the political spectrum.
    Edit: ugotthat made a very good point about the declining value of the dollar. Since oil is priced in dollars on the international market, the dollar price per barrel increases as the dollar weakens. Current actions by the Federal Reserve, as well as the spiraling debt under Bush and Obama, devalue the dollar and will have more impact on the price of oil than any marginal fluctuation in US production.

  22. Tom C Says:

    No. It takes years for new oil areas to be drilled, refined and effect the market. Right now reports show oil demand is down. So explain how supply and demand works to me oh great free market lovers. I have nothing against the free market btw, but it is not a true free market right now. Corruption, speculation and the stock market really entangles itself and puts a damper on the true free market.