Will Obama encourage new domestic oil drilling to free us from foreign oil?

When oil was 0/barrel last summer Americans wanted new sources of domestic oil to help lower the cost of gas, so Bush lifted the ban on offshore drilling.

Now that oil is nearly 1/3 of that price, will Obama return to the policy of tying our hands to "protect beaches" even though that policy is based on 70s technology of leaky wells?

Nancy Pelosi benefits from higher oil prices through her investments in major oil companies and T. Boone Pickens windmill farms. But does America benefit ?

11 Responses to “Will Obama encourage new domestic oil drilling to free us from foreign oil?”

  1. Philip H Says:

    For more than thirty years the Democrats have argued it will take ten years to get any oil to market.
    If they started then, we would have had that oil available over two decades ago.
    Obama wants to control you life, not give you energy freedom. He will not permit drilling for oil and he will tax all use of energy until you can’t drive your car or heat your homes.
    Businesses will not be able to produce and the economy will collapse.
    THEN Tyranny will reign in America.

  2. SkeetaSkeetaSkeet Says:

    Obama is a vah jay jay.

  3. Tamer Says:


  4. Valley R Says:

    With that Obama it all depends on how much he can tax it.

  5. Your Kids will Pay for Hussein Says:

    no, he will keep the Saudis in control of Americans

  6. jareyn2002 Says:

    That remains to be seen. We see what the market forces have done to oil already so, we will see how serious the new administration is about the security of the United States. After all, this really is a security issue because, if we don’t achieve energy Independence, we will be in the same position as Japan before the launched the attacks on Pearl Harbor.

  7. janice h Says:

    No, he wants us all to suffer high gas prices so we won’t drive much and then we will follow the democrat dogma of smaller more fuel efficient cars. God forbid you are involved in a car accident in those little death traps. Of course, they haven’t got a plan to provide more electricity so that we can all plug our cars in every night. I hope you never want to go more than 45 miles either. That is as far as you go on one charge. You know what is sad is even if the USA reduced our pollution levels to zero the rest of the world would not follow suit and so "climate change" would continue unabated.

  8. Eyota Xin Says:

    well republicans are all for drill here drill now NOT drill here keep it here.
    They actually are AGAINST that!

  9. justme Says:

    You need to remember that any American oil will go out on the open market with all the other oil — it won’t be kept for our use. That’s just the way it works. Oil companies just want to grab more land in America — I don’t trust them.

  10. Yankee Thunder Says:

    If he said he would then my guess would be no he won’t. I don’t count on him keeping any campaign promises, like so many others before him. Some change huh?

  11. Sam T. Says:

    If you start drilling oil now, no one will see any of that oil until 10 years from now. It wouldn’t really help at all either. It would be like putting a band-aid on a broken leg.

    An alternative energy source is required.