Will our grandchildren pump domestic oil( gas) in their cars?

In 20 years will we finally have our own drilling and refining working here in the states so our children and grandchildren will Not have the problem of our country having to buy the enemies’ oil?? What???

5 Responses to “Will our grandchildren pump domestic oil( gas) in their cars?”

  1. Pell M Says:

    You can not get a better answer than Just Me gave. (Not me, Just Me).. I mean Just Me…that first answerer. The guy that gave you the first answer. I agree with him. I gave him a thumbs up.
    PS: He needs to change his name.

  2. Just Me Says:

    Not if the EPA is still around. You know as well as I do that they think saving some rare cockroach is more important than saving the countries economy.

  3. brian L Says:

    the refining is done in the USA. You should also know that oil companies sell there oil where they will get the most money that is why most of the oil we drill in Alaska is sold either to the Chinese or Japanese who will pay a premium price for it. As for our grand children they will drive either electric cars or bio fuel cars or some hybrid of both those systems. In this way we become independent of oil which is a finite resource and pour our research dollars into the future technologies that will power our country in the future and then other countries will come to us to buy these technologies when they run out of oil. So in the long run while painful it will be good for us. The Internal combustion engine is simply becoming obsolete it’s time is passing the electric motor cars are the future.

  4. Barry Says:

    Only when the Politically Correct Liberal Socialist are prevented from brainwashing the less educated left loons with their indoctrination of "everything is America`s fault" !

  5. canam Says:

    I think if Obama does not hand us over to the muslims first, we will have alot of alternative energy sources and not be so dependent on middle east oil.