Will Pelosi allow a vote on drilling before the conventions or block it until after the general election?

If she believes it will be voted down, why does she block the vote on drilling? Is she afraid that would trigger expectations of oil investors and lower gas prices? What is her primary motive?

20 Responses to “Will Pelosi allow a vote on drilling before the conventions or block it until after the general election?”

  1. Kyle F Says:

    Evil does not follow logic.

  2. Shelley L Says:

    Hopefully she keeps it blocked. It’s a stupid idea and it will not lower gas prices.

  3. aspiring author Says:

    after the GE. Recall Pelosi California for the greater good

    Liberals scare me

  4. American Woman Says:

    She is following her own agenda.

  5. TedKennedy'sbrainrot Says:

    She’ll have to hurry if she waits until after the election since she will be loosing control of the House.

  6. Brian Says:

    No, she will block it. She knows it will not be voted down so she will not allow a vote. She also does not want a NO vote to hurt any Democrat that is running for re-election..

  7. Are You Dry Shaving Me? Says:

    She knows she’ll lose the vote. Majority of the people in this country want to drill and politicians know this. Nancy Pelosi is a waste of space. She promised everything and came through on nothing.

  8. Mandy Says:

    I don’t know what her motive is , but you can bet its not in the best interest of the American people . hopefully the WITCH will be voted out soon enough .

  9. bmoc2525 Says:

    Pelosi has to vote on it in September because it need to be renewed or lifted. It runs from year to year. She is waiting to include it in a bill to fund the government for the next year. If Republicans vote against that bill she will say they are blocking funding for Social Sec., medicare, everything.

    She thinks this will back Republicans into a corner but in reality she is digging herself a hole and it just get deeper.

    Load-up How is lifting the ban against freedom when the ban itself is unconstitutional?

  10. imaguy1212 Says:

    Pelosi is a piece of crap. She had no business going on a 5 week vacation with an energy crisis facing Americans. She needs to go, Only the democrats can screw up an election, this is how to do it. After the past 7 1/2 years of Bush’s crap, McCain will probably get in because the Democrats are morons!

  11. nostradamus02012 Says:

    i fail to see how corporate giveaways will do anything to solve our energy crisis.

    the oil companies claim to not be able to afford to be able to drill on the 68,000,000 acres of land they currently have under lease but have not even begun to explore.

    why would allowing a vote on this do the slightest thing for the american people – who of course rarely have anything to do with the interests of the republican party who seem to view their role as that of some kind of corporate watchdog…

  12. swampy Says:

    She is trying to help her liberal congressman they know they should vote for drilling but they dont want to anger their liberal environazi base. After the elections they will be allowed to vote on offshore drilling and it will pass, pure politics by Pelousy.

  13. u Says:

    Is a complete waste of time and money for the people, the only ones who benefit is the big oil like always.

    It’s very convenient that after 6 years the republicans didn’t do shit but now they can’t they wnat to rise up as they are the heroes.

  14. driveranderson Says:

    A presidential veto of one bill could finnish off the congressional Ban that expires September 30, they will have to vote at some point to extend it.

  15. Miss Kitty Says:

    She’s hoping to wait until after the GE. to cover her fellow democrats backs since the people want something done and the democrats don’t. It’s politics for her…I guess her claim to help middle class/poor people just flew out the window.

  16. sdrew33 Says:

    No. She/they plan on holding off on this until after the end of the year. Please see the article below..

    "what looks like intraparty tension on the surface is part of an intentional strategy in which Pelosi takes the heat on energy policy, while behind the scenes she’s encouraging vulnerable Democrats to express their independence if it helps them politically, according to Democratic aides on and off of Capital Hill"

    That is not change we can believe in!

  17. Jupiter Ceasar Leprechaun II Says:

    Not wanting to allow oil tygoons to ruin the planet now for oil that may or may not be cheaper in 10yrs when the real solution is banning the gouching and pursuing sound alternatives which she has so failed to do so far

  18. thebusishere Says:

    You asked, "what is her primary motives"

    This is a complicated issue that hinges on States Rights and Maritime Law.

    Basically brainwashed RedsStaters want to drill for oil along the California coast.

    But the real issue is can States unite and vote to control the resources of another State.

    The California argument is Hey we got oil seeping out of the ground in Kern County take that first.

    But the real argument should be to protect the Constitution first. A vote to drill is a vote against freedom

  19. christine m Says:

    Block it.Power in the hands of egotist is a dangerous thing.She has shown no leadership to me.I do understand she did redo the lunchroom and put in healthy foods.

  20. Robyn Duck Says:

    unless she has to, she won’t allow a vote, even if it’s the right thing to do. She took a stand and will stand by it so that she is contrary to what the GOP wants.

    All she cares about is POWER!