Will Republicans agree to cut corporate tax breaks?

As part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling, will Republicans agree to cut corporate tax breaks for oil and gas drilling, and cut socialist price supports and payments for farms? How about money losing below market cattle grazing on federal lands and money losing timber sales? Here’s a list of cuts and money saving ideas that I and environmentalists would support, if only Republicans would agree with them: http://www.greenscissors.com/
So you guys are admitting that these industries are dependent on government subsidies, and that’s fine with you, because they employ your kind of people, whereas Medicaid helps the wrong kind of people?

8 Responses to “Will Republicans agree to cut corporate tax breaks?”

  1. the briar patch Says:

    That’s the genius of the Republican system, your not raising the tax! your just taking away from write offs, the corporate tax rate remains the same! Yet,……………they will play the "layoff" card, because they are more dependent on showing Wall Street great increases in profit than doing whats right for their Country and employees.

    Now I’m not saying that corporations shouldn’t be profitable!……but, they should be profitable in what they manufacture and sell at a profit, not profitable through the US tax code.

  2. El Tecolote Says:

    Sure, if you don’t mind doubling unemployment.

  3. TheOnlyBeldin Says:

    Want a good money saving idea?

    Eliminate Medicare.

    You want to cut corporate tax breaks for oil and gas drilling? Fine. Then lift the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf, off the coast of CA, and in ANWR.

  4. HeyWhereTheWhiteWomenAt Says:

    Yea, while cutting jobs in the process. Smart idea.

  5. IndianaJohn Says:


  6. Travers Watson Says:

    No way. They are bought and sold by the special interests. Removing them would have no effect on jobs. El tocolote is economics stupid.

  7. Jacob W Says:

    Raise the debt ceiling? Are you kidding? Keep your green scissors.


  8. Rocketstar Says:

    Let me tell you something. In 1963, President Kennedy turned on the evil corporations.

    During the 1960 presidential election JFK gave his support for the oil depletion allowance. In October, 1960, he said that he appreciated "the value and importance of the oil-depletion allowance. I realize its purpose and value… The oil-depletion allowance has served us well." He knew he couldn’t become President if he went against big oil at that time. He needed Texas to win. So he said this while biding his time.

    However, two years later, JFK decided to take on the oil industry. On 16th October, 1962, JFK was able to persuade Congress to pass an act that removed the distinction between repatriated profits and profits reinvested abroad. While this law applied to industry as a whole, it especially affected the oil companies. It was estimated that as a result of this legislation, wealthy oilmen saw a fall in their earnings on foreign investment from 30 per cent to 15 per cent.

    On 17th January, 1963, JFK presented his proposals for tax reform. This included relieving the tax burdens of low-income and elderly citizens. Kennedy also claimed he wanted to remove special privileges and loopholes. He even said he wanted to do away with the oil depletion allowance. It is estimated that the proposed removal of the oil depletion allowance would result in a loss of around $300 million a year to Texas oilmen.

    After the assassination of JFK, LBJ dropped the government plans to remove the oil depletion allowance. Richard Nixon followed his example and it was not until the arrival of Jimmy Carter that the oil depletion allowance was removed. As long as corporate money flows in excess to politicians there will always be problems doing the right thing for Americans by those with influence.