Will the Redneck Riviera just accept that the Gulf will become a safe haven for rampant oil and gas drilling?

Just kissing the wildlife and beaches goodbye? After all many of the voters there have little love for environmentalists and wouldn’t vote for a Democrat anyway!

4 Responses to “Will the Redneck Riviera just accept that the Gulf will become a safe haven for rampant oil and gas drilling?”

  1. Don't call me dude Says:

    No way. People here in north Florida are furious.

    Democrats are just as much in the pocket of the big megacorps as the Republicans are, so very few of us see any hope in switching which party beats us on Wall Street’s behalf.

    However, independents are gaining strength rapidly. I’m not much of a Charlie Crist fan, but his prospects for the Senate election against the Republican teabagger and the "Who’s he?" Democrat are excellent. And it definitely means something when a sitting governor, who as a prosecutor was known as "Chain Gang Charlie," is thought to be "too liberal" by a major party.

    Ultimately, I think, the Gulf may very well be the start of a new left movement that will some day sweep the South, an old-fashioned radical left movement that fights against the corporations and their Democrats and Republicans.

    Just wait until you see pickup trucks with rifle racks, and with red flags flying from the antennas!

    "Redneck" is going to take on a whole new meaning.

    I can’t wait to hear a "good ‘ol boy" talking contemptuously about "all those damn conservatives up North, like Obama and Palin."

  2. teeewalk Says:

    They are "creating jobs" for the health care industry by promoting cancer among themselves with toxic oil spills….

  3. Great White Says:

    I happen to live in that Redneck Riviera you speak of – I am a democrat also – we use to vote democrat till they showed us what useless tools they really are – oh and FYI we love our environment – now go try to cause trouble somewhere else –

  4. Crippler Says:

    They will as long as they can’t understand basic connections. They say the oil spill is hurting the tourist industry and something needs to be done about it, and out of the other side of their mouths they are complaining about a moratorium on further drilling.