Will you libs be sure and thank Obama for rising gas prices?

As President Obama and his team of regulators bring domestic oil production to a crawl via their moratorium on offshore drilling, standstill on drilling permits, and myriad regulations on accessing oil on public lands, is it any wonder that oil and gas prices are climbing toward the record highs we saw in 2008, prior to the economic collapse? Last week, Greenwire reported that there were fewer new wells drilled for oil on public lands in 2010 than in any other year in the past decade

5 Responses to “Will you libs be sure and thank Obama for rising gas prices?”

  1. DukeofDixie Says:

    Will they suddenly discover, that properly inflated tires will NOT lower the PRICE at the pump, but drilling or even the RUMOR of new drilling will lower it““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““`

  2. Ahyen Efpee Says:

    Had it not been for rich greedy oil companies (i.e., conservatives) paying off the right people to sabotage any possible alternative energies that might cause them to lose money from everyone’s oil addiction, we’d have been off oil decades ago.

  3. United States Fan Says:

    You know oil has been mixed into our politics for years. This is nothing new. What is new is Obama not letting us drill. Dang drill a hole right through a Polor Bear if you have to. On the other hand we have plenty of oil right here in the U.S. The big oil companies are using their big bucks to buy off politicians. Yes I do blame Obama but only because he is at the top. You know what they say about S _ __ __. It always roles down hill.

  4. LordGodGoose Says:

    There is a finite quantity of oil, and we are slowly using it up….unless you are one of those people who does not believe prices should be set by free market forces, then gas prices SHOULD rise slowly and continuously, shouldn’t they? Or do you REALLY believe the government should set gasoline prices, which would make you an extreme Left-winger?

  5. Sassy One Says:

    Well, let’s see. Since Exon-Mobil paid less taxes last year than I did, thanks to the GOP’s love of the wealthy, and the CEO’s, I think I shall blame the GOP. These big shots must have their bonuses.