With oil price of $90/bbl what will happen to the stock market?

How would the stock market go during the next week and/ month? What will happen to the technology sector? What about the telecommunication companies? How their stocks will perform?

4 Responses to “With oil price of $90/bbl what will happen to the stock market?”

  1. absolutelycats Says:

    The market will fluctuate and continue as usual……….geez!

  2. Jacob W Says:

    In the short term, it is anyone’s guess. In the long run it will be a grand opportunity for the innovative.


  3. Moviesounds.com Says:

    The current price is just a hair below $88/bbl as of yesterday.

    I doubt the ripple effect over $2 more is going to destroy our economy. Remember, just last year the price of oil per bbl was around the same, and we were paying far over $3.00 a gallon…

  4. daddyjohndeer Says:

    I think we all need to put mini oil wells in our back yards and make our own oil as we need it. Screw the oil companies and screw the government. Whos with me?