With the price of oil so high, are you as thankful as I am that your car runs on gasoline and not oil?

I’d be broke by now if it ran on oil. Your thoughts?
Thanks to everyone who got it, and for the rest of you, lighten up. My God, Philip.

10 Responses to “With the price of oil so high, are you as thankful as I am that your car runs on gasoline and not oil?”

  1. ZZTOP Says:

    Boy are you lucky. I was going to get an electric car but someone told me that they were going to stop drilling for electricity!!

  2. jonathan_kelly2001 Says:

    Is this a joke???

  3. Futility Knife Says:

    So where exactly does gasoline come from? And why won’t oil companies build more refineries?

  4. Autumn Says:

    lmao, this has got to be a joke

  5. 1000 Man Embassy Says:

    Whew! dodged a bullet thier!

  6. chris2EM Says:

    Yes, I thank God everyday that they get gasoline from pancake syrup and not oil.

  7. Linda S Says:

    I live in an oil state and since they make gas from oil my gas is high but I am thankful that my car does not run on straight oil as a quart is almost $3.00. That would make a gallon $12.00 so I am very thankful that a gallon of gas is almost $3.00 but I will be truly thankful if it were to go down even more!
    Happy Holidays!!!

  8. Patrick Says:

    My thoughts? I think you need a hobby….besides posting lame "questions" here. Get a life.

  9. smittybo20 Says:

    We have an Ethanol, E-85 Flex-Fuel Burner. They said it wouldn’t produce the economy, nor the power that straight petrol does….So from me to those that say it…..put your money where your mouth is and do something to make it better. The vehicle performs much better. Used both in the sames car, and Ethanol is a better fuel….So Suck it down big oil boys!

    Now as far as oil? Petrol is based from Oil. So the prices are high! Ethanol? 2.59 per Gal here!

  10. Philip P Says:

    you might need a bit of help … Here let me
    Crude oil is what comes out of the ground, it is unusable as it is. It is distilled or fractionated, the lighter portions are LPG petrol ( gas in the usa) then kerosine deisel then lubrication oils then fuel oils like heavy oil used for steam plants. Grease and waxes are the remains as they are heaviest.
    So when the price of crude goes up by $10 a barrel then the cost isn’t shared amongst the distilates it is passed to every user as a levie. so that could mean as much as $1.00 on as gallon of gas rather than a 10c hike in prices..