Would anyone recommend buying a specific Stock (PRSC)?

I read up on a stock that I am interested in buying a couple hundred shares in call PRSC. They seem to have a good cash flow (up until this year), and have recently made some changes and are even talking about providing dividends. Does anyone know about this company?? Also there is another company called FTK, this seems very interesting as well, they provide oil and natural gas drilling equipment and is at the lowest price it has ever been.

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  1. ncpanther81 Says:

    The Providence Service Corporation (PRSC) provides and manages government sponsored social services and non-emergency transportation services in the United States. It provides home and community based counseling, foster care, and provider management services. The company was founded in 1996.

    Flotek Industries, Inc. supplies drilling and production related products and services to the energy and mining industries in the United States and internationally.

    IMO both these stocks carry significant risk. If you are willing to take the risk i think that both will rise over time (2-3 years), but it will be a long process, especially in these times. I would lean towards FTK, they have had solid earnings in the past and are projected to continue at a positive growth rate. PRSC has a large debt to pay, which could have a negative effect in the coming months. As for the dividend, it would seem to not help the current earnings/debt if they were to pay it. Maybe in the next few years. Hope this helps.

    Good luck and happy trading.

  2. Beau.Gus Says:

    You should do your own "due diligence" on any stocks, and you should listen to yourself when you are looking at the numbers! You said "They seem to have a good cash flow (up until this year),", so what changed? Why is it so poor now? Why are their margins so bad compared with their competitors?


    The same is true of FTK:


    Remember, the steaks that are on sale at half-price at the supermarket are hardly a bargain if they are half the price of regular staek because they smell bad!

    If you have $250-300 to spend on a couple hundred shares of ANY stock trading at $1.00 a share, you would be far wiser to buy 10 shares of a quality stock trading at $25-30/share, you will be infinitely more likely to make a profit; "penny stocks" (stocks under $5.00/share) are just gambling…they would not be so cheap if they were worth owning!