Would Family dollar petroleum Jelly work for male masturbation?

I was looking for a lubricant for masturbation, and found family dollar brand petroleum jelly. It says compare to Vaseline on it, wondered if it would be safe to use. I am 15 and live in country so I cant just go buy somethin.

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  1. Haywood Jablome Says:

    yeah its safe but kinda gross
    vaseline is too thick to really be a good lube for jerking off–and it smells weird and is hell to wash off

    try some handcream or lotion—just use one with low scent—you can buy lots of different lubes–ky is the most popular—spit is free and always handy—hellz even cooking oil is better than vaseline

  2. ScottAz Says:

    yeah it will work but petroleum jelly smells and it is a problem to clean up after.

    baby oil works just as well

    so does any aloe vera based hand lotion

  3. Boy Genius Says:

    It’s would just add some water to it, and it will be perfectly slippery and good

  4. Derrick Says:

    Things found in the Dollar stores are similar to those found in many retail stores. The brand name may be different, but when you consider the ingredients and contents, you’ll find they are the same. Other things to consider are shower gel, liquid soaps, cooking oil.

  5. patrick Says:

    It will cause you no harm, however since it is not water based, it is difficult to clean up after you are finished. (Never use with a condom during sex, as it will dissolve latex condoms).
    The ideal sexual lubricants are water based, and formulated specifically for that purpose. They are also readily available in any drugstore. If you are uncomfortable buying a product like KY jelly, realize the clerk at the Dollar Store is going to know precisely what you are buying petroleum jelly for as well.
    Suggest you consider buying either KY, or the store brand of KY (usually right next to it on the shelf), then use the automated check out.

  6. Sam Says:

    yeah it works but is nasty messy

    don’t use soap or shampoo or any stuff like that cause it can dry your shaft out and make you miserable.

    If you are uncircumcised especially stay away from soaps.

    Hand lotion is what I use mostly or spit.

  7. creepsh0w666 Says:


  8. wiillrod94 Says:

    it’s kinda messy, but not too bad if you just use a little bit of it. otherwise it works just fine- I use it all the time.

  9. Jake Says:

    NO! It’s a total mess…..not worth it. Use a banana!

  10. Your friend Says:

    I would not use Petolum jelly espcially on your penis because its oil based and if you do have to wash it or it will cause problems use water base lubricant or just spit .. hey you’ll be safer.