Would gas prices prevent you…..?

Would gas prices prevent you from evacuating your area in case of a natural disaster such as….
I know I wouldn’t because I believe family is more important than anything materialistic.

34 Responses to “Would gas prices prevent you…..?”

  1. La Destruction Says:

    I’d ride the storm

  2. robriggsiscool Says:


  3. bolt thrower 1 Says:


  4. Jenny™ Says:

    No, I value life over money

  5. Mario Says:


  6. Shizzle Says:

    no, because when those things happen you lose all your money anyways

  7. Travis Says:

    Depends on if it’s the week I get paid….

  8. Elmo watches you at night Says:

    no, even if i couldn’t afford it i’d bike the hell out of there.

  9. Built Ford Tough Says:

    no of course not

  10. moohahaha Says:

    Noooooo I would rob a bank if thats what it took…

  11. Savvy Says:

    No, because life as I know it would probably cease to be anyway.

  12. daljack Says:

    No….not me…..but I do know people who would have a problem.

  13. Desperate Says:

    No, heck no
    I use gas for such less important things most days and lots of it

  14. Brigette Says:

    me no, you?

  15. check yes juliet Says:

    heck no

  16. ♥Isabella ღ Angel♥ Says:


  17. KAR36 Says:

    No, and I make an effort to keep my tank pretty full all the time in case anything ever comes up.

    The more likely thing that would prevent people from evacuating is traffic.

  18. ♥RB♥ Says:

    I think that is the one time i would say no

  19. Maldito Duende Says:

    hell no. Im cheap but not that cheap

  20. mommad Says:

    No way, I’ve got kids!If it was just me,I have a life jacket and floaties lol.

  21. stace-face Says:

    No, don’t be silly

  22. Spot On Old Chap! Says:

    HaHa, no, what about you?

  23. esham24 Says:

    This could be the dumbest question of all time

  24. ... And that is why I dance. Says:

    I would TRY ANYTHING to get out of there.

  25. Dogness Says:

    I would try to hang out until everybody else left. Then I could get free gas. jk.

  26. Porcelain Doll Says:

    Hell no, my life is "Priceless"…..

  27. manual_pt Says:

    From going to get in trouble like in a bar.

  28. SiriusOreos Says:

    I would carry my kids if I had them and run to saftey!!

  29. sunshinegirl Says:

    no, if I have to leave because of a natural disaster then I’m going to leave.

  30. Marianna Says:

    No. I could afford the tank of gas.

  31. ★Greed★ Says:

    No, local biodiesel costs $0.63/L

  32. Ranman67 Says:

    No Way.
    Your life is more valuable than money.

  33. Judas Rabbi Says:


  34. Raffi Kiraz Says: