Would i be a good E-Fed owner + WNLW signups + CM Punk or Jeff Hardy?

Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk

The bell rings and Rey & Punk square up to eachother in the middle of the ring. Punk gets in the face of Rey, who retaliates with a right hand. Punk misses a clothesline. Punk is dropkicked into the turnbuckle. Rey jumps to the shoulders of Punk and rolls him up for a 2 count. Kicks to Punk by Rey who locks in a leglock, Punk gets to the ropes. Time for a test of strength. Punk takes down
rey with a leg sweep. Punk pulls up rey who jumps on the shoulders of Punk, again, and goes for another roll up for a near fall. Some more kicks by Rey. Punk with an enziguri, cover and a 2 count. Kicks by Punk and another 2 count. Punk picks up Rey who throws some punches into Punks face. Punk with a kick to the midsection before tossing Rey to the outside. Rey falls with style and is immediately back on his feet. Baseball slide by Punk, but misses Rey who climbs back in the ring. Punk shoulder block Rey to the floor. Spinning kick to Rey and a near fall. Kick by Rey that sends Punk into the ropes. Rey charges and is sent over the ropes but lands on the apron. Hurracarana on he ropes by Rey to send Punk to the outside. Gallows & serena distract Rey on the outside. Punk takes advantage and back drops Rey onto the security railing sending Rey into the crowd. Punk sends Rey back into the ring and flips over the ropes onto Rey. Punk with a 2 count. Rey rolls into the ring post. Baseball slide by Punk into the back of Rey. Rey falls to the outside. Punk with a couple of clotheslines. Both wrestlers are back in the ring and another near fall by Punk. Punk with a modified surfboard. Rey reverses and gets a near fall. Backbreaker by Punk. 2 count. Punk continues to work on the back of Rey. Kick to the head by Rey. Rey with a snap toe hold on Punk to send him onto the middle turbuckle. Rey climbs to the top and appears to be going for a moonsault, but Punk knocks Reys leg and Reg is tangled on the top ropes. Punk goes for another baseball slide, but Rey lifts himself and punk goes babymaker first into the ring post. Rey with some high flying offence to Punk, Springboard splash for a 2 count. Punk attempts a rollup, reverse by Rey with a kick to the head. Rey runs into the ropes and a powerslam by Punk. Rey sent to the turnbuckles and a running knee to the face by Punk, goes for the bulldog. Reverse by Rey who kicks Punk in the knee and sends him into 619 territory. Rey sets up for the 619, but Serena climbs to the apron to protect her saviour. The referee is distracted and Gallows grabs Rey from the apron at the opposite side of the ring. Rey reverses the sneak attack by Gallows and sends him to the floor. Punk rushes at rey, drop toe hold, 619 misses. Punk sets up rey for the GTS. Rey reverses into a Hurracarana roll up. 1-2-KICK OUT!!!!! and Luke Gallows gets on the apron and distracts Rey Mysterio, CM Punk then sneaks behind Rey and low blows him, CM Punk then sets Rey up for the GTS and he hits it 1-2-3 and CM Punk wins with help from Luke Gallows

Winner: CM Punk

WNLW Signups.



3 Responses to “Would i be a good E-Fed owner + WNLW signups + CM Punk or Jeff Hardy?”

  1. Undertaker Says:

    Yes you are. Please join in this E-FED of my friend:

  2. The Viper Says:

    E-FED owners are saddos whos got nothing to do but type nonesense

  3. Kawajai (Co-Owner of WYA) Says:

    Great job. I always like it when E-FED owners have detail.