Would I be a good E-Fed owner?

So I see all these good E-feds and I’m thinking about creating one of my own. I want you to check this match out and say if it’s good or not. Please Star if you like the match.

HBK vs. Edge

Both men make their way to the ring and get a bid pop from the crowd. The ref calls for the bell and both men lock up. Edge kicks HBK in the gut, then does a neckbreaker. Hbk get up and gets clotheslined by Edge. Edge gets HBK in a the corner and gives multiple shots to the head. Hbk then is grounded in the corner. Edge then turns away and taunts to the crowd. when he turns back HBK falls and trips Edge. Edge then lands his face on the middle turnbuckle. Edge gets up and HBK lifts Edge up and lands his groin on his knees then chops edge down. HBK picks up Edge and throws him into the turnbuckle and gives Edge chops as the crowd says woooo. HBK then body slams Edge then goes on the top rope and gives Edge the trademark elbow drop. Then HBK starts to tune up the band. As HBK goes for the sweet chin music Edge ducks and hits the Edgeucution. Edge then stalks HBK for the spear Edge charges but gets super kicked right in the face. HBK goes for the cover and 1…….2…….3 and it’s over. Tell me what you think.

5 Responses to “Would I be a good E-Fed owner?”

  1. Muta Warrior Says:

    Sounds pretty cool.Maybe you should be writing the storylines in the WWE !

  2. Kawajai (Co-Owner of WYA) Says:

    You will definitely b a great E-FED owner. The HBK vs Edge match was very detailed and well- thought out. This is coming from an E-FED owner. I think you should make one and if you do, I will join.

  3. WWE Wannabe David Bennett! Says:

    Yes you would,looks as if you were born to be an e-fed owner,lol.
    But seriously,that is good thinking,keep it up!

  4. Justin Windgate(XWA) Says:

    you want to see an efed match i wrote a long time ago?

    (((Break By Three Days Grace Hits as Justin Windgate comes out to the ring)))

    Announcer- This match is set for 1 fall making his way to the ring, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 217lbs, JUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTINNNNNN WINNNNNNNNDGAAAAAAAATEEE!!!!!

    Undefined- Well here he is, Justin Windgate! I dont know if you guys know it, but he has the look of a superstar!

    VIP- He looks like a model if you ask me….

    Undefined- now dont get homo over here VIP.

    (((I Walk Alone hits, as Risky Business comes out to the ring)))

    Announcer- And his opponent weighing in at 300lbs, RISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSKY BUSSSSSSSSSINESSSSSSSS

    VIP- Wow this guy looks like he was built to wrestle, he is my pick for the win of this one!!!

    Undefined- I dont know, there is just something that makes me want to side with Windgate.

    (((Ding Ding Ding)))

    VIP- And the match starts off as Justin Windgate and Risky Business square off in the middle of the ring. It looks like Windgate is gesturing a hand shake, and Business shakes his hand as both superstars show respect for eachother. We now they are circling in the ring, as Windgate locks up with Businesss. Windgate and RB are in the middle of the ring locked up, as it looks like RB is using his enormous strength on Windgate, pushing him to the ropes. Now RB throws a big right hand to the head of Windgate as Windgate falls to the mat and gets back up. RB now gets a big irish whip on Windgate, as Windgate plunges off the ropes on the other side of the ring and comes back…. Clothesline!! RB hits a huge Clothesline that flips windgate! RB picks Windgate up by the head, and hits an uproaring Spinebuster!!! RB now cover Windgate for the pin!!! 1…2..ANd a kickout by Windgate!!

    Undefined- Windgate is now getting up, as RB is waiting to hit a spear! Windgate is now up, and SPEAR!!! But Windgate ducks as RB flies right over him!!! And look where RB’s shoulder hit! Right on the 2nd rope!!! RB is in a 619 position, and Windgate sees it, as he gets up, and Dropkicks RB in the right shoulder, as RB flies out of the ring!! RB is now laying on the floor outside the ring, as Windgate is gesturing something…. Windgate bounces of the ropes…. RB stands up, and Windgate jumps…. Shooting star press over the top rope onto RB!!! What a high risk move!!! Oh My God!!!!! He almost broke him and RB both in half!!!! The Referee starts the count…1….2….3…4…5…6 Windgate gets up, and rolls into the ring and back out to restart the time. Windgate picks RB up, and slams his head on the thinly padded baricade that seperates the fans from the ring!!!! RB’s head smashes and bounces back!!! 3…4 Now Windgate goes for an irish whip into the steel steps, BUT RB reverses it with an irish to the steel steps of his own!!!!!! 5…6 RB now throws multiple right handed blows to the Downed Justin Windgate! Blow after Blow, Windgate keeps trying to get up. 7…8 RB now rolls Windgate into the ring, as he comes in aswell

    VIP- RB now goes for the win 1…2…And another kickout by Justin Windgate!! Well it looks like the size difference has caught up with Windgate. RB now irish whips Windgate to the ropes, and hits a BIG BOOT to the head of Windgate, as he hits the mat hard! Windgate is going through hell, as RB is now stomping on his chest. Wait look! Windgate grabs one of the legs, and trips RB!! Windgate now gets behind RB, and locks in a face lock!!! Its not normal to see windgate going for a submission!!! But RB may tap… RB is about to tap, as he scurries to the ropes very fast. Windgate lets go of the hold, as he and RB both get up. Windgate now grabs the head of RB and does a facebuster! RB is groggy, as Windgate hits a quick DDT on RB! RB is now laying on the mat, as Windgate hits multiple Leg Drops. Windgate now goes for his first pin in the matchup!!! 1…2..And a kickout by RB! Windgate lifts him up, and irish whips him to the corner. Windgate now runs and…. A RUNNING DROPKICK!!!! Windgate hits a runing dropkick to RB, as RB is now in a sitting position in the corner. Windgate gets back up, and POETRY IN MOTION!!!!!!!!!! IT Connects!!!! Windgate now covers RB!!! 1…2…and a kickout!!!! Windgate now gets back up, and moves RB closer to the corner as he jumps, and ATOMIC X!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It Hits!!!!!! Windgate goes for the pin!!!! 1…2…and RB grabs the bottom rope!!! Wow what a match this has been! Justin cant beieve it, as he lifts RB up, and look at this, 2ND TO NONE!!!!! But RB reverses it as he pushes Windgate away!!! Windgate turns around and… SPEAR!!!! HE HIT THE SPEAR!!!!!! RB goes for the pin!!! 1…2…And Windgate kicks out! Windgate just wont give up! RB lifts Windgate up, as he hits a snap suplex. RB now locks windgate in a body scizzors!!!! Windgate’s body is now losing its color!!! Windgate is passing out by the strength of the legs of Risky Business.

    Undefined- Windgate is reaching for the ropes, bu

  5. ყ﹗ձ ĸհձռ™ Says:

    seriously an good one