Would we even be drilling a mile deep if the Progs hadn't forced drilling way off shore & stopped natural gas?

I mean come on!

Obama lied about oil not being available close, but it is. We could drill on land. We could get natural gas. We could have hydro electric, we could have nuclear, but the left keeps lying about data, making up endangered species, and all that to stop viable fuel sources.

8 Responses to “Would we even be drilling a mile deep if the Progs hadn't forced drilling way off shore & stopped natural gas?”

  1. tblbaby Says:

    EXACTLY … they forced drilling clear out there to a dangerous depth. We have natural gas supplies for decades or longer and the conversion would be easy, but they lie about CO’s effect global warming because they want to shut down energy and drive up the prices we have to pay and eventually crash the economy. That’s not the rank and file idiots, but a little reading of the Guys Obama preaches like Alinksi, Cloward and Piven, Frank Marshal Davis, Acorn founder Wade Rathke who openly admitted Acorn was created to destroy the economy through pushing welfare … it becomes pretty clear what’s going on here.

  2. brown9500.v10 Says:

    Listen to the GOP toady defend her master with half-logic.

    Beck would be proud.

  3. TruthSeeker818 Says:

    Obviously there is oil out that deep…its now all over the gulf…maybe there wasnt oil closer to shore. You have to drill where there`s oil, not where its convienent. Since when does natural gas power cars? Never heard of turning natural gas into gasoline or diesel fuel…

    I`m not saying they dont exist….but natural gas doesnt help me with my truck…All NYC Buses use CNG…but they arent available to the public. CNG also fuels forklifts etc….but there are no CNG pumps in NYC, let alone NYS.

    CNG might burn cleaner than gas but have you seen how they mine it? Worse than oil…widespread contamination of the water table….they use millions of gallons of water to extract the gas out of rock

  4. thorcorn Says:

    That is obvious to everyone except loony Liberals.

    @ truthsee

    "How Natural-gas Vehicles Work"


    "Natural-gas powered cars: Who even knows they exist?"


    "Natural Gas Cars: CNG Fuel Almost Free in Some Parts of the Country"


    Truthseeker…You refuel them at home just like electric cars.




  5. Edna N Says:

    Actually Environmentalists have been and always will be the most STRONGLY opposed to offshore drilling.

    Exhibit A: The current Gulf of MExico.

  6. Bill Says:

    rofl—man, the stuff the repugs will throw against a wall to see what sticks.

  7. ducky aka Mr Duck Says:

    the Truth :

    The United States is the Worlds Third Largest petroleum producer,
    though it has only the 12th largest crude reserve.

    ( please take a minute to think about that )

  8. Sean r Says:

    Don’t forget Shale drilling, and Al Gore not wanting to ruin the view of his beach house with windmills. The problem is with the double standards of the politicians, Clean energy, more energy , but not anywhere I can see it