Would you support Offshore & ANWR drilling for $2 gas?

Would you be willing to support drilling for oil in Alaska and offshore if it would bring gasoline back down to /gal……even if you once were against it.

5 Responses to “Would you support Offshore & ANWR drilling for $2 gas?”

  1. Pyar Says:

    I never was against it … drill away !!!
    It’s going to take decades to go green … too many companies would lose money and won’t openly support it.

  2. thor Says:

    It wouldn’t happen even if we got every drop of oil out of AK, CA and FL. Oil is a global commodity, not just something centered in the US. Why would the oil companies sell oil to us if they can send it to Asia and get twice as much for it? (other than the long ignored law that any oil going through the Alaska pipeline be sent to the lower 48 exclusively.)

  3. yankee_sailor Says:

    in a New York minute

  4. chevysilverado Says:

    getting only 11 mpg and price of fuel $4, start drilling

  5. Paola Says:

    Sure but that’s not going to happen. If gas prices lowered they wouldn’t take long to increase again. It’s not going to have huge longterm effects except on the environment. Even if the US drilled all over the country we’d only have 2-3% of the needed national supply.