Wouldn't gas prices be lower if Congress allowed us to drill for oil and construct nuclear plants?

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  1. dudeman612 Says:

    Absolutely. OPEC knows we are dependant on oil, and they are the ones that are primarily setting the price for the world market. If we weren’t so dependant on foreign oil, and used other resources like nuclear and coal (which we have more of than any other nation). Prices would surely drop.

    Another thing that would help prices drop, would be to get rid of all the red tape regulations that oil companies have to go through to build new or upgrade refineries. Also, the government needs to stop subsidizing inefficient energy sources like ethanol, wind, solar, etc.. That do mucho harm to the economy.

    The thing libs fail to understand, in regards to oil profits, is most of the profits go toward reinvesting in the company. Whether that be exploration, expansion, upgrading equipment, R&D, etc. Just like any other business does. Microsoft had a much higher profit margin than the major oil companies, yet no one batted an eye at them. It isn’t trendy like bashing big oil. Also, the majority of the profits that are reaped, go toward the stock holders (which average people make up about 70% of). It’s not all going to the big oil execs like the libs like to make you think! Although they do make an outrageous amount of money, but good for them, that’s capitalism and freedom at it’s finest!

  2. patriotic italienneā„¢ v1.01 Says:


  3. avail_skillz Says:

    No, oil shortage isn’t the problem now.

  4. Quinn22 Says:

    Of course. But liberals don’t understand supply and demand. Marx didn’t write about it.

  5. Mercer Devil Says:

    If that happened during the first year or two of the Bush administration, when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency, we might be seeing some effect now. Even if Congress allowed those things now, we won’t see any relief in gas prices for about another decade. Unfortunately, about the only thing we can do is deal with it and curse our addiction to oil.

  6. just plain jim Says:


    The oil companies are in it for profit. They will sell at world spot oil prices, as it stand now, about $150 a barrel.

    There are solutions, but many think it is nuts — they like to pay higher taxes and get reamed at the pump.

    I believe the oil companies need to be nationalized and the profits go back to the people in the form of lower taxes.Same with our communications systems.

    Where I live in China as a transplanted American, both are nationalized and a gallon of gas costs about a buck less, and my cell phone bill is obscenely little. About $15 a month and I use it extensively.

    Plus, I pay zero sales tax, and tax on a home is very small to non existent, plus I have no income tax, despite that I make considerably more then the average person.

    There is a lot of revenue to be made off of both which gives the people more disposable income. A win for the government, a win for the people, a win for our economy. It will just pizzzz off the fat cats, one that some love to support, yet they don’t give a rats behind about their supporters.

    We often hear that the oil companies have a vested interest to give alternative energy only lip service. What better way to take care of that problem then put energy in the hands of the people. We need a Manhatten type of program to help eliminate our dependance on foreign oil while putting on the fast track alternative energy sources. The oil companies will fight both till all we will have left is a drop in the bucket of what we really need, all while we, the tax payer, continues to give them welfare bucks.

    What I fail to understand, people will fight tooth and nail to support the oil companies while continuing to pay high energy prices (at a profit that lines the pocket of the fat cat, who doesn’t give one hoot about them.) and pay high taxes to boot. Kind of like, shooting themselves in the head just to prove they can. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    I’m a capitalist, but when it comes to this, I must put my foot down and say, enough is enough.
    Case in point, in Venezuela, who has nationalized oil, they pay 13 cents a gallon.

    Think about it.

    Life is so simple, but we insist on making it complicated

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  7. power_d_69_1 Says:

    No. They have a reality show coming up about drilling oil. How will they have such a show since America allows no drilling? They are drilling new wells all the time.

  8. ghakh Says:

    stop being so "selfish" and think about the US oil company executives!
    Thats one of the problems that arise from capatalism