YWCW Fallout Results Part Two + BQ?

Match Five:
Alex The World Is Yours vs Broken Dream
First Alex makes his way down to the ring,followed by Broken Dream.The match starts with a lock up in the middle of the ring.Alex swiftly takes Broken Dream down,and applys a headlock.Broken Dream fights out of it,and they meet face to face.Alex pushes Broken Dream and Broken Dream retaliates with a vicious right hand! He continues the blows,knocking Alex out of the ring.Broken Dream then runs and dives over the ropes and lands right on top of Alex! The fight doesnt stop there. Alex and Broken Dream get up and begin to trade lefts and rights outside the ring. Broken Dream throws Alex over the fan barrier. The ref counts them out. Broken Dream and Alex dont seem to care though. They continue to fight in the Fans Area, Alex takes a steel chair and drives it right into Broken Dreams throat. He continues to slam the steel chair onto Broken Dreams ribs.legs,anywhere he can possibly hit. Officials and YWCW Owner Justin run down to the ring and stop the two superstars. Justin grabs a microphone:
{Looks at Alex and Broken Dream}
"You two seem to have some bad blood going on between the both of you.Last week you to fought in a tag team titles match,this week you guys literally almost brawl to the death….I think I might possibly have a solution to our problem.This Sunday at YWCW Judgement Day it will be a Lockdown Match! How this match works is simple.Its just like a Steel Cage Match,only NO ESCAPES.There will be a roof atop of the cage,and the door will be padlocked shut! You two will fight in that cage untill there is either a pinfall or submission!"

Match Seven:
YWCW Womens Championship Match
Jennifer (c) vs Cameron Hart
Cameron Hart makes her entrance down to the ring,a pretty smug look on her face..A minute passes and nobody else comes out. Cameron Hart looks down the entrance way,waiting for her opponent to come out.But still nothing. The Ring Announcers declares that Jennifer has one minute left to make her entrance down to the ring. As soon as he is about to declare the match won by Cameron Hart,the camera cuts backsatge where officials find Jennifer knocked out backstage. YWCW Owner Justin is called to the scene and declares that since Jennifer is in no way fit to compete the match will be held off. The room suddenly goes completly black,and when the lights cut back on Jennifer is missing. Their is a breifcase on the ground near Justins feet.He picks it up,opnes it,and inside it is the YWCW Womens Championship…..broken to peices.

Main Event:
YWCW Intercontinental Championship
Hardcore Match
Graduation Bear vs Charlie Scene
After the events that have taken place here on YWCW tonight everyone couldnt help but wander…what could possibly be next? Graduation Bear makes his entrance first,soon followed by Charlie Scene. They shake hands and the match begins. After about a few minutes of back and foprth action Graduation Bear takes controll by executing a perfect dropkick to Charlie Scene,knocking him out the ring.Graduation Bear takes his time getting out of the ring,maybe costing him something as Charlie regains quickly and knocks GB off the apron sending him head first into the hard balrey padded floor below.Graduation appears to be knoced out cold,and Charlie goes for a pin,only to get a close two count. Charlie begins to kick Graduation Bear,and for 30 seconds the stomps continue.Charlie then decides its time for a little friend. He looks under the ring,and pulls out a basebal bat. He waits for Graduation Bear to get up,and swings for a "homerun" but barley misses as Graduation Bear ducks under the swing and spears Charlie almost in half. Graduation Bear picks Charlie up and sets him up for the Grizzly Function,only for it to be countered and its Charlie with the momentum shift with a quick hurricaranna. Graduation Bear once agian seems to be out cold. Charlie hesitates a bit too long for the pin,only getting a one-count this time.Charlie looks under the ring once agian,and pulls out a Table! He sets the table up,and as he does Y2J The World Is Yours runs out down to the ring and tackles Charlie down.He begins to pound on him,busting him open with his bare fists. He then pulls out from under the ring a huge ladder. He throws Charlie onto the table,and sets the ladder up and ELBOW DROPS right onto Charlie sending him straight thorugh the table. As Graduation Bear regains consiousness he looks at Y2J.They both come face to face,and GB holds out his hand.Y2J shakes it,but meets Graduation Bear with a Enziguri to the temple.Y2J then drags Graduation Bear over Charlie,and the ref counts for the three.
Winner:Graduation Bear,the new YWCW Intercontinental Champion.

What did you think of the results?

What are your opinions on WWE making Seamus the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship so early in his short…kind of dull….career.?


2 Responses to “YWCW Fallout Results Part Two + BQ?”

  1. Miss Extremeâ„¢ Says:

    Great Show! Cameron Hart Promo: The Title may be shattered to pieces but i’m not, when i find some duck tape and glue i will become champion!

  2. Charlie Scene Says:

    I didnt know I was in YWCW, but I quit.